Gaggle of Geeks at the Katonah Public Library September 21, 2019 !

Four “Geeks”, large bird like sculptures are displayed on the grounds of the Katonah Public Library beginning September 17 through November 30, 2019. The Geeks were inspired by large fish crows that sat on telephone wires across from Robert Spinazzola’s Studio in Hastings on Hudson and made a tremendous racket. Blue Headed Geeks are a comment on where these long legged creatures are trying to go. Beginning in 1988, the sculptor created dozens of these works which had sold out. A gallarist requested four new pieces for her own collection in 2016 and Robert created many new works. These pieces exhibited at the library are from the new series, and are painted for outdoor exposure. Currently other available Geeks are unpainted as were the original 20. These oiled types remain with the natural steel color indoors and outdoors they begin to rust. Many collections of Robert’s work are outdoors with this finish. The sculpture are part of the Katonah Art Stroll, September 21, 5-7pm.